Firstly, thank you for choosing to record with AUDIOBEACH. You have done the right thing for your music and we're sure you'll be back here time and time again!


Please read the following information about your session; what you can expect, what you need to bring, parking, and contact information. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email us.




Do you need anything for your session? Sticks? Heads? Strings? Leads?Head over to our pre-session store to buy what you need and it'll be waiting for you at the studio!


Don't see what you want? Email us, and we can get pretty much anything in you need!


We have a fridge with a selection of soft drinks and bottled water available for purchase at hugely discount prices compares to shops (either pay by cash individually or by card at the end of your session).


You are welcome to bring your own food and drink, including alcohol, to the studio as well.

Tea and FRESH coffee are FREE!




Day time sessions start at 10am and finish at 5pm. Evening sessions start at 6pm and finish at 9pm for short sessions or start at 5pm and end at 11pm for full sessions. You will have been notified of the times of your session via Google Calendar already. A lunch break will be taken at 12:30pm/1pm for about 20-30mins for day sessions, or a dinner break around 8:30pm/9pm for evening sessions.


Please do not turn up too early! We don't waste time during sessions and you will find that the studio will be ready to go the moment you turn up (make sure you've filled in your session information form to save even more time); We recommend arriving no more than 10 minutes before your session.

WE HAVE A STRICT 9PM CURFEW ON DRUM RECORDING. Everything else can be recorded post-9pm, but drums have a hard-stop at 9pm.




AUDIOBEACH aims to keep your recordings for 6-12 months. However, we are at the mercy of hard drives and they do sometimes fail. We recommend you bring a USB hard drive of your own to back up your own session files. You can always come back in with the session files to remix or add extra recordings at any time. AUDIOBEACH usual rates will apply.




Google Listing:

From Brighton Station (by Bus):

From Hove Station (by Bus):




We suggest that, where possible, you travel in just ONE car as there is usually only parking suitable for ONE car/small van. We are serviced by around 15 bus routes that stop right outside so transport is easy to get.


Please notify us in advance what vehicle you will be travelling in. Extra parking is available very cheaply at the nearby multi-storey car park in Hove:




There is a mircowave, kettle & fridge in AUDIOBEACH so please feel free to bring your own food and drink. Unisex toilets are also on site.


Monday to Wednesday sessions, with Forbes, will have a dog, Rocco, on site for the day. We also welcome other well behaved, small-medium dogs on site too!




You should have already paid a deposit, request via email invoice, by card of bank transfer. The remaining amount should be paid on the day, or on the first day of a multi-day session (unless otherwise agreed in advance).

Payment can be made by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB) or in cash. Cheques are not accepted.




  • No Smoking on site

  • All external doors to be closed when recording/making noise

  • No more than 2 non-band members (including photographers/managers)






Studio: 07879 779573 –



You have a choice of kits and setups; If you are unsure of which kit you want, the Premier Olympic will be set up for you. All hire fees should be paid IN ADVANCE of the session.


Premier Olympic, Vintage 60s - FREE to Hire

22x12 Bass Drum, 13x8 Rack Tom & 16x16 Floor Tom

All Remo Clear CS on Toms and Coated Powerstroke 3 over smooth white Ambassador (with felt strip)
Sound Sample:

Extremely versitile kit, suitable for all genres from jazz to rock, with a surprisingly punchy bass drum with a lot of low end all round thanks to the mahogany shells and birch re-rings. This is the default kit that will be set up for you if you do not specify a preference.


Gretsch Brooklyn - FREE to Hire

22x18 Bass Drum

Choice of: 10x7 or 12x8 Rack Toms, 14x14 & 16x14 Floor Toms

All Remo White Suede Emperors on Toms & Coated Powerstroke 3 over coated Ambassador (with felt strip) on Bass Drum
Sound Sample:


Extremely high end, hand made classic drum kit; modern drum making techniques with a vintage throwback style, the Gretsch Brooklyn is great for every style from jazz to metal. The Remo White Suede heads allow for the attack of a clear head but the focused lows and mids of a coated head, making it extremely easy to record. The Maple-Poplar-Maple shells with the world famous Gretsch "Silver Sealer" provide clarity, dynamics, and volume. You can choose from a snare stand mounted 12" rack tom or a 10" arm mounted rack tom. Both can be used, but will be offset (not over the  bass drum).


Bring your own snare, cymbals and pedals. We have 3 cymbal stands, 2 cymbal arm attachments, and an XHat. Please notify us in advance using the session information form if you will be bringing your own full kit so the drum room can be cleared.


Istanbul Agop & TRX Cymbals

10" ALT Splash - £2 per day

12" CRX Mini China - £2 per day

14" Traditional Medium Hi Hats - £8 per day

18" BRT Crash - £5 per day

18" BRT Lightning - £7 per day

20" Traditional Dark Crash - £10 per day

20" ALT Crash - £7 per day

20" DRK Ride - £8 per day

22" MDM Ride - £10 per day

Full set as above - £50 per day



14x5.5 Tama Starclassic Maple Snare - FREE to hire

14x5.5 Sonor 1007 Steel Snare - FREE to hire

14x5.5 Noonan Black Nickel Steel Snare - FREE to hire

14x5.5 Premier Olympic Mahogony Snare - FREE to hire

13x3.75 Highwood Birch Snare - FREE to hire

13x7 CJ Drums Custom Clear Acrylic Snare - FREE to hire




We generally DI bass guitars through our amazing valve compressor then use Amp Modellers (GuitarRig etc) to achieve the desired sound. Please bring your own bass amp if there is a particular sound you wish to achieve.


Bass Guitars

Squire Vintage Modified P-Bass - FREE to hire




There is a VOX AC15C1 all-valve amp and Fender Hot Rod Deluxe available. You may also bring your own cabs and heads if you wish. There is a Line6 Pod for tracking guide guitars, as well as various Amp Modellers during mixing. We will usually take a DI of your guitar as well as mic up amps. Plenty of effects pedals available to use as well.



Fender Acoustic - FREE to hire

Vintage 70s Yahama 12 Strings - FREE to hire

Epiphone SG (Pro Setup) - FREE to hire

Squire Strat (Pro Setup) - FREE to hire

Vintage 70s Antoria Nashville - FREE to hire




Please bring everything you need with you. If you have any special microphones for your instruments, feel free to bring those too although we do have a large range of mics for every situation.




Once you have unloaded and unpacked, please return your cases to your car/van (if you have one) or store them in the entrance lobby. This ensures safety and space.

Unit 7 Lansdowne Mews, Brighton & Hove, BN3 1FW

Tel/SMS: 07879 779573

Monday to Friday - 10am - 5pm / 5pm - 11pm

Saturday & Sunday - 10am - 5pm


Time slots may be flexible on some days.