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10am-5pm, 5pm-11pm. Includes an engineer, full use of all equipment

10am-5pm, 5pm-11pm. Includes a quick mix of everything you record, and a FULL master, after the session

6pm-9pm. Turn up, set up, play your set, leave with a recording! Includes an engineer, full use of all equipment.

6pm-9pm, Mon-Fri. One instrument (or backing track), one voice. Includes an engineer.

10am-1:30pm, 1:30pm-5pm. Includes an engineer, full use of all equipment

10am-5pm, Mon-Fri. Includes full use of ALL equipment, and an engineer on site/on call for support. You MUST be a member of the Musicians Union, with valid PLI, in order to Dry Hire AUDIOBEACH

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Perfect for: live sessions, post-mix sessions, mixing sessions, writing sessions, quick demos


10am-5pm or 5pm-11pm; 10am-1:30pm, 1:30pm-5pm

7 days a week 

This is the basic session. You get the studio, the equipment, the facilities, and an engineer for the day. You can do whatever you want in the six or seven hours, but everything has to be done in this time. That means that if you want to record AND leave with mixed tracks, you will need to leave at least an hour per track mixing time at the end of the session. As an example, if you were to record two songs on the day, you would have to stop recording at 3pm to allow your engineer to mix. With setup times, you'll start recording at about 11am so that gives you 4 hours to track everything you need, which means you need to be really well rehearsed. There's usually time to re-do the lead vocal, but overdubs and layers may be limited. You tend to leave these sessions with a basic mastered CD, or uploads to DropBox. This session is popular with live bands, or bands who will take the audio away to mix themselves as that gives them the full session time to record everything they need. You can also book this time to mix; book in two days where day one is recording, day two is tidying up and mixing!



Perfect for: live sessions, 2-track singles, writing sessions, demo albums, live albums

10am-5pm or 5pm-11pm, 7 days a week

This session is a step up from the standard day. All mixing AND mastering happens after the session, so you get the FULL day to record rather than having to stop for mixing. You can record as little (one track) or as much (20 tracks?!) as you want, and everything will be mixed afterwards. All mixes will be the same across all tracks (i.e. the same drum EQs and levels, the same guitar mix, the same vocal effects), edits will be minimal, but full mastering will happen to all the tracks (again, the same mastering across all). You get two review mixes before the mastering process, with everything delivered via DropBox. This session is great for smashing out a few live tracks, and is very popular with function and live bands whose sound is the same across all tracks recorded. If you want more detail in the mixes, like detailed editing, individual vocal effects or different drum mixes per track, you need to check out the package deals.



Perfect for: live sessions, set recording, keeping track of your live sound

6pm-9pm, Mon-Fri

Turn up, setup, play! It's that simple. Turn up at 6pm and get yourselves comfortable; all equipment on site is here for you to use so treat it like a rehearsal or kit-share gig by just bringing your breakables!

Now you can smash through your set a couple of times and the whole thing will be live mixed on our amazing console and outboard. By the time your session is over, you'll have a complete recording of your set to take with you!

These sessions are great to get an idea of your live sound, create a live demo to get some gigs, or just to have a record of what you've written so far.

We can accommodate a six piece band comfortably (drums are isolated in a drum booth), with four separate headphone mixes.



Perfect for: singer-songwriters, solo artists, solo vocalists, quick live demos, recorded rehearsals


£89 Solo Musician, £99 Full Band, 6pm-9pm, Mon-Fri 

We offer a short session, Monday to Friday, that is ideal for solo musicians with one instruments (e.g. guitar or keys) due to the reduced price of £90. You can use the three hours however you like; most artists who book this session tend to play live and track as many songs as they can, kind of like a demo showreel they can refer to before they decide which tracks to fully record later. This short session can also be booked for a full band at £109, and is ideal for turn-up-and-play recording sessions/rehearsals to keep a track of your songs or to create quick live demos to get a few gigs.


Unit 7 Lansdowne Mews, Brighton & Hove, BN3 1FW


Tel/SMS: 07879 779573

Monday to Friday - 10am - 5pm / 5pm - 11pm

Saturday & Sunday - 10am - 5pm


Time slots may be flexible on some days.