Book in as an individual, a group, buy it as a gift! In any case, come and experience a REAL working studio and leave with a mixed and mastered recording!

ALL AGES WELCOME - children under 16 must have a responsible adult on site at all time


6pm-8pm, Mon-Fri; includes an engineer, 3 backing tracks, mixed and mastered songs



6pm-8pm, Mon-Fri; up to 4 people, includes an engineer, 3 backing tracks, mixed and mastered songs



6pm-8pm, Mon-Fri; prosecco on arrival, up to 6 people, includes an engineer, 2 backing tracks, mixed and mastered songs


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Recording studios are a lot of fun and not everyone gets the chance to record in a proper studio! That's where we come in. We are a professional, real-world recording studio offer everyone access with our recording studio experiences.

You get a dedicated, professional recording studio engineer on site for your entire session, guiding you through your session, showing you how everything works, and making sure you have a great time!

We will ask you in advance what songs you want to sing and we will arrange the backing tracks to be ready for you on the day. We only use high quality backing tracks, some of which have been created in-house by AUDIOBEACH engineers so you can be sure you're going to sound amazing!

At the end of the session, your engineer will mix your voice(s) in to the backing track, apply a quick master, and either burn a CD or upload the final masterpiece online, and give everyone involved access to download and share.

ALL the tracks we use are royalty free (subject to the usual PRS checks), so you can even release the track professionally if you want! And what's more, we can help you do that! Imagine getting yourself on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc!



We are MORE than happy to help cater to your party's needs and, if you book in the large group/party experience, we will even provide a glass of Prosecco to you all on arrival and another at the end whilst your engineer is mixing*!

If you're wanting to decorate the studio for the session, perhaps for a kids party, you can arrange this with us so you can arrive up to an hour before the session to hang your banners and decorations. We only ask that you clear the decorations up when you leave and either take them with you or put them in the large bins outside.


We do allow alcohol to be brought on site, and we have a fridge to keep everything cool, but we insist that you drink responsibly before and during the session. We have a lot of expensive and unique equipment that we would not want to have to charge you for if you spill anything or break anything! 

AUDIOBEACH reserves the right to turn away individuals or entire parties if the engineer deems the individuals or group too intoxicated to participate in the experience safely. No refunds will be issued if a session is cancelled or missed due to intoxication.

*two bottles of Prosecco will be provided by AUDIOBEACH, which assumes the party size is the maximum allowed of six; one bottle will be opened on arrival and one will be opened when the last vocal has been recorded. Any Prosecco left undrunk cannot be taken offsite.

Unit 7 Lansdowne Mews, Brighton & Hove, BN3 1FW


Tel/SMS: 07879 779573

Monday to Friday - 10am - 5pm / 5pm - 11pm

Saturday & Sunday - 10am - 5pm


Time slots may be flexible on some days.